Orange kush

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Strain Name: Orange Kush
Grade: A
Type: Indica indoor
Looks: 8 out of 10. Firm with great bud structure (almost the same structure of a Northern Lights strain), bright pal green, crystallized
Smell: 8 – 10, Tangy sented but a clean smell
Taste: 10 – 10 Great smooth clean taste, citrus
Effects: Mellow
Potency: 9 – 10

Good Strain For: Anxiety, Insomnia,



What is Orange Kush?

Orange Kush was bred by Green Devil Genetics, a child of the child of Orange Bud and OG Kush. It has California Orange and  Blueberry male in its lineage. The amazing orange drink taste and smells like the California Orange mom combined with the sweet euphoria-inducing Blueberry make Orange Kush strain a great sunny day Indica-leaning hybrid.

This kush eases the body into relaxation, lifting moods with a sweet and tangy citrus flavor.  Orange kush strain is resistant to most pests and mold and has long, dense buds with many orange hairs and trichome crystals.  Its aroma depends on phenotype, from a sour chemical citrus to a very sweet Tang-like orange. Orange Kush weed has several good qualities, with comforting stability between Sativa and Indica effects. Both parent plants of this kush grow a strong single cola and most phenotypes of this hybrid.


Buying Orange Kush Online

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How to grow Orange Kush.

With healthy soils and the right climate, this strain will grow exceptionally well outdoors. You should keep the plant supported by trellising,  making sure to remove the growth in the center of the plant. Top the plant 2-3 times to help fill out the canopy. Indoors, this kush plant thrives with hydroponics. If working with a small space, you can use the SCROG (screen of green) method to help increase the kush plant’s yield. The kush start flowering between seven to nine weeks. This bud has a high yield and moderate growth difficulty. It prefers a drier climate with temperatures ranging from 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Growing outside will significantly increase your yield, but it may be grown indoors for better climate control. For its feeding, increase the CalMag and nitrogen inputs at the beginning of the season.

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7 reviews for Orange kush

  1. Brain Williams

    Great bud at a great price on sale. Previously bought the orange kush but this is just as good ! I use it mostly to make cannabutter so don’t care if the buds are smaller. Was also surprised at how fast I got it considering the Christmas rush and the high volume due to the sale. I LOVE that I must sign for it since losing $300+ last December from elsewhere with “signature required”not an option. Very glad to have found this company !

  2. Veronica gals

    A great high, I don’t personally like the taste that much but that is most likely just me, that being said i do recommend it

  3. Warden G

    Smell is strong and make your taste buds water, the high makes your synapses and neurones all
    Serious high very pleasant

  4. Jimmy Zambezi

    Combining the price with the high it was probably one of my top favourites, reccomend it to anyone

  5. Henry

    Good flavor and still nice and fresh

    Weight: 1 Pound x 1
  6. Edward

    Smooth earthy draw. Always good.

    Weight: 1/4 Pound x 1
  7. Hayden

    Good stickiness to it also not to dry at all. Overall really dank

    Weight: 1/4 Pound x 1
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A friend of mine had been bugging me to try some of these skittles cause I always hate on hemp flower.A never miss Indica nightcap, dense heavy nugs that grind up dank.Can’t really go wrong with some cookies, and these are no let down.Could be trimmed a little better but not that bad just had to pluck a few leafs before I threw it the grinder.Da best from Rythm, has taste and high! Well done!Definitely a good night time smokeGood aroma when I grinded it up and it smokes nice thoughGood flavor and still nice and freshGood quality.Good service.Good stickiness to it also not to dry at all. Overall really dankGood sweet earthy smell and taste to em and good and hard hittingGreat strain for before bedHopefully the next round will have some bigger ones !I enjoyed it with my coffee and found myself cleaning my whole entire work place!I hadn’t heard of this but I looked it up.I have to admit it’s really good.I love smoking this before bed. It’s very relaxingI love thisI love this strain so fruity and deliciousI normally dont get sativas because im afraid they will make me paranoid.I really like how it cuts right through my anxiety.I really like these buds, but I wish they were a little bigger.If you like candy this may be hard to not smoke your whole bag in one sitting 😁Ironically I took a chance on one and should have got more. Its a great strain.It doesn’t take much either and I feel good and relaxed.It don’t get you high at allIt has a nice nice smell and the taste to match.It’s a good feeling to my body n it helps me relaxIt’s been a big help latelyI’ve only tried this strain once or twice, but it was definitely a good strain to wake up with!Love it!! Tastes great and it’s so relaxingNo anxiety or paranoia and its actually made me very relaxed to the point where I feel I could sleep peacefully.Not at all what I expected it’s actually got good flavorOnly down side was it made me a little tiredOut of this world haha but seriously it’s really good.Pretty nice background and it definitely lives up to the hype.Smooth earthy draw. Always good.Super dank little buds definitely be buying more of these guysThe product is firmly packed.The strain is good.They’re nice and dense so not popcorn buds but they’re pretty small still.This critical Kush is good and terry with a nice earthy dank taste too it.This strain is awesome taste just like candyTry for yourself!Very fast delivery.Very motivating, and makes me want to get up off my ass and do something!Very pleased overallVery well worth the money.You havnt tried this strain give it a try. Glad it's back in stockhappy euphoric long lasting buzz