Buy Moon Rocks Online 

Buy Moonrocks online from Hightokes. True Moon Rocks are made up of a healthy dose of Blue Dream infused Tahoe OG, dipped in wax, then rolled up in blunts or joint paper. Moon Rocks are the perfect way to experience some of the most potent cannabis on the market.

Moon Rocks For Sale

Our Moonrocks for sale  are a conglomeration of three different strains that have been fused with the THC from cannabis concentrates. The best Moonrocks are sprinkled on top of the already fired glass to provide a decadent high. If you want, you can even light them up like it's 4/20 again, or if you're feeling extra decadent, sprinkle them on top of the finished product as a finishing layer Our Moonrocks are hand-packaged in single, full gram doses for maximum convenience and accurate dosing. Medically useful for both pain and insomnia relief, our Moonrocks are the perfect indulgence for medical marijuana patients who like to smoke on the go. All of our Moonrocks products are low in THC at 5%-7%, with high levels of CBD (15%-20%). Moonrocks are 100% legal and appropriate for medical marijuana patients in all 50 states!  
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