We will like to firstly let you know your making the right choice because next year we won’t have any shares to sell out again .
There are three levels of investment
1. Primary investments
2. Secondary investments
3. Ghost investments
Primary $2500 – $10000
Secondary $25000 / %
Ghost $50000 and above
Primary investments …. Here your not an active partner of the business given that you invest and your returns are calculated
Invest here can go on from
1 – 3 months
1 – 6 months
1 – 11 months
You can decide to invest after your investment life span elapses
1 – 3 months x 15% of amount invested
1 -6 months x 30% of amount invested
1 -11 months x 50% of amount invested


Secondary investments…
This is involves partners who are involved in the day to day activities of the farm ( Planting , Harvesting , Packaging and delivery )
This type of investment involves buying shares
At the moment only 8% shares available to be sold
1% = $25000
Shares fluctuate cause we use bitcoins another from of investment


Ghost investors
You are not involved in any day to day activities of the business
investors get payed Annually
This type of investment is for those who are looking for a long form of investment.

Please reply with the type of investment your looking to get involved with So our lawyer can begin processing your documents