10 reasons why cannabis make your sex life better

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“Everything’s better when you’re high”

Food tastes better when you’re high. The sun feels better when you’re high. Even “Friends” is funnier after a joint… And what about sex?

Modern use of marijuana is done for many reasons, some medical and others recreational, but it has a long history intertwined with sex.

By now you’ve probably heard that weed can be a fantastic aphrodisiac. The truth is that, yes, marijuana makes sex better in many ways.

Here why:

# 1. Opens you to adventure

sex cannabis5

First and foremost there will be a sense of adventure and a lack of inhibitions.

Often times partners will be willing to try something they normally would not, like a new position or bringing a toy into the bedroom. These moments can enhance the trust between the people in the relationship, as they both stretch out of their normal comfort zones and grow together.

The process also helps them learn a lot about each other and is sure to create the occasional inside joke and burst of laughter.

Sexual explorations tend to bring couples closer and can promote trust. Couples who smoke together, tend to stay together. It is not just because of the sex, but that does not hurt certainly.

Some parts of marijuana, CBN specifically interacts with the serotonin system in the brain to further enhance the euphoric feeling, which can cause one to feel emotionally closer to their chosen partner of the evening or life.

# 2. Makes you more creative 

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Smoking marijuana is known to increase a process in the brain called hyper-priming, which accounts for the abstract and creative thought while under the influence. This can be great for sex since you will be able to react differently during sex. Perhaps you will say something that will surprise both you and your lover, or find yourself in a position you never thought possible.

Being creative is definitely an asset as a lover and will be appreciated. This is not only during sex but everything leading up to sex that counts. Picking the right meal, strain and even nightcap can all help enhance the mood. The right strain might even be a ticket out of the dog house for some of us.

# 3. Strengthen relationships emotionally

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In relationships where the two individuals are willing to step outside of their comfort zones, the bond is tight between individuals since they both trust each other more.

Marijuana sometimes allows us to be more emotionally receptive to our partners, which can help strengthen the relationship in the long run. Each person willing to discuss their thoughts and feelings openly is pivotal for the health and eventual success of a relationship.

Now, this is not about relationships, but these close feelings definitely make for some amazing sex between two consenting partners. Trusting one another and knowing boundaries is key to good sex since it is not likely that you are going to ruin the mood for your partner. Marijuana helps with that too and we already know how it can help us be bold enough to try new things.

# 4. Increases tactile inputs and pleasure 

sex cannabis2

Strictly physically speaking, marijuana makes sex feel better. All tactile inputs are increased, meaning that there is a greater rush of sensations.

Massages increase are more enjoyable and play into the effects of marijuana readily. The enhanced sensitivity can be so intense that we feel like we know exactly where every nerve ending in our bodies is.

This is especially good for the physical aspects of sex. Enjoyment of sex is neither entirely physical or emotional, but marijuana actively promotes both.

# 5. Increases libido

sex cannabis7

It has been known for centuries that marijuana can be used as an aphrodisiac. In many eastern cultures, there are man products that claim to increase sex drive and help both men and women get in the mood emotionally and physically.

In clinical studies, women were found to be more responsive to marijuana as a source of arousal, but both men and women said that it increased their arousal and enjoyment of sex.

Both men and women have reported that they are more physically prepared for sex after smoking marijuana. It is not certain if this is a result of being more aroused or an effect of the marijuana itself, but the results have been tested and proved for generations. Hashish is used in small amounts in eastern cultures but is effective because of it’s increased potency.

# 6. Offers different strains for different folks

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Figuring out which strain each person prefers for the mood can take some time, and often times couples find that they have different tastes. In these situations, it can be good to accept what a partner enjoys once and a while. Or packing two bowls and sharing, either way, it is nice to compromise.

Your partner will appreciate and you might find that you enjoy the indica more for intimate times than your regular sativa.

There are more strains than ever out there, so go looking for something new and different to try together, like a mango flavored sativa. On the way home, pick up some dark chocolate covered berries to satisfy the munchies and accent the aroma and flavor of the bud.

Pairing flavors and aromas of together is an easy way to bring out the more subtle notes of a strain and make someone very happy at home.

# 7. Makes your senses higher

sex cannabis1

The empathic nature helps us help each other in the bedroom, as partners are in tune with each others reactions and desires. Our heightened senses allow us to better feel that kiss on the neck, hear sweet nothings, and all other ways senses interact with sex.

Nothing is more passionate than giving one another complete undivided attention with all five senses. The feeling will be more intense for both partners and they will come to enjoy the act of sex more, which can help both people in the relationship lead healthier lives.

Remember that some Sativa strains can be intense and might not be the best for having sex, but it is always worth a try and up to personal preference.

# 8. Makes a better communication

sex cannabis3

Communicating I key in all relationships, even sexual ones. When she says “oh baby, yeah right there.” she probably means it. Or at least we all can hope she does and actually enjoys the act.

Marijuana can make us more open to talking about what helps us have orgasms, for both men and women. Smoking can quickly turn these awkward conversations of somewhat taboo status into better, more successful sex.

Opening these lines of communication will set a good habit and will inevitably pour over into other aspects of daily life, which is a good thing. It might make the process of picking a restaurant a little easier, hopefully. As mentioned before this can make relationships more successful and last longer, if not help ties the knot.

# 9. Allows you to have fun alone

sex cannabis10

Sometimes the best moments in the bedroom, are actually in our imaginations. Marijuana is known to make us more creative, which allows us to build more vivid fantasies with or without a partner.

Many reports that they enjoy their time alone nearly as much as with a lover. Their fantasies tend to be more clear and focused which can help with the process. Aside from addictive habits, there is nothing wrong with masturbation, it has even been said to help with hormone balances similar to sex.

For most people, smoking marijuana is a pretty polarizing activity. Talking to a partner about marijuana use might be a tough task, especially if you have already detected their dislike for the behavior, but it is definitely necessary. Who knows, maybe he or she will kick back and try it with you and knock your socks off in the best way possible.

# 10. Marijuana is better for sex than alcohol

sex and weed

It is always important to manage the dose when smoking. Females used less more often to get in the mood, while males usually smoke more and sometimes smoke too much and are unable to perform.

Mild to moderate doses are recommended to properly enhance sexual activity, which varies from person to person since tolerance is dependent on usage and genetics. It is easy to overdo it the first time and it can take a few tries to titrate the proper dosage, so a little experimentation is needed.

Smoking too much is never a good thing, but it will rarely make you sick. Likely it will put you to sleep or keep you sitting on the couch so long you forget when you smoked in the first place. Marijuana is much safer than alcohol and can even protect from the damage normally done by drinking.

Not to mention that marijuana is a lot better for sex than alcohol. For all things marijuana and sex, moderation is regrettably for best, but that means we should all make the best of the good times that we have together and there is a strain for that.

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